Arkona (2017)

While smothering in his daily hastiness, Oskar unexpectedly comes across with a letter dating back to 1945 and discovers a compelling story about the eternity of time and life – steered by the waves of the sea.



Juuso Tuunanen – “Oskar”
Daniel Völker – “Oskar (voice)”


Directed by: Jaro Jääskeläinen
Written by: Jaro Jääskeläinen
Screenwriting assistant: Juuso Tuunanen
Produced by: Jaro Jääskeläinen, Toni Lavonen, Juuso Tuunanen
Cinematography by: Jaro Jääskeläinen
Edited by: Jaro Jääskeläinen
German translation: Christina Kurdum

Film specifications

Original Title: Arkona
Film Type: Short
Runtime: 10 minutes 18 seconds
Completion Date: December 28, 2017
Country of Origin: Finland
Country of Filming: Germany
Film Language: German
Shooting Format: HD 1080p
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Film Color: Black & White

Screenings / Festivals

WIPE Amateur Film Festival
Berlin, Germany, October 27, 2018