TALJA Films – Team

Jaro Jääskeläinen 

Director – Producer

The head of our filmmaking team. Jaro is managing the projects and carrying them through the production process into a finished film.

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Juuso Tuunanen

Actor – Screenwriter

Juuso delivers great perfomances in our films. He has also a good eye on screenwriting, and thus he is writing and improving our scripts during pre-production and production.

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Toni Lavonen

Camera assistant – Sound operator

Toni is a strong cornerstone supporting the whole team. He is enchancing the production process by assisting in cinematography and taking care of the field sound recording.

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Jani Ahlstedt

Producer – Cinematographer / Editor

Jani brings to the team his wide professional knowledge and skill set especially when it comes to visual aspects of cinematography and dramatic timing in film editing. He is also strongly supporting and advising in the field of feature-length film production.

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